Professional Home Painting Style Tips

Windows_5Putting together the room of your dreams can be a nightmare, especially when it comes to getting the right paint job. Luckily for you, we have some clever tips that will help you navigate through sample palettes, finishing choices, and color combos to achieve beautifully painted walls. The perfect canvas for room you’ve dreamed of.


Be Bold.

First thing you have to keep in mind when it comes to painting your room, you HAVE to be daring. Don’t be afraid of bold shades, if you are a fan of hot pink, turquoise, or bright yellow, go for it! They will add a lot of personality to your room, and if you use them the right way they will also look very stylish.


Don’t pressure yourself.

Calm down, take a deep breath and think it through. Don’t rush things and commit to a shade that you will end up hating. Before you make any decisions, have the vision of the room you want well set, and start building up from there slowly and thoughtfully. Once you’ve figured out what you want, start looking at those palettes carefully and choose the color that fits your vision best.


Play with color.

Now that you have chosen the perfect shade, don’t go overboard. Avoid using the same color for everything; think of your furniture, the fabrics in the room, the decoration, and all those little details and combine your main shade with different colors. You don’t want to end up with a room where you cannot distinguish the furniture and curtains from each other and the wall. Besides looking flat, chances are you’re going to start feeling both overwhelmed and bored very soon.


Add some contrast.

Whether you choose a bright or neutral shade, adding contrast is key. If everything in the room is the same color in different gradations, you’re missing out the excitement and you’re very likely to feel as if you entered a very dull box every time you’re in the room. There are many interesting and beautiful combinations that will keep the room alive and vibrant.


Forget about white ceilings.

A light shade for the ceiling is nice, it gives the illusion of a higher, bigger and more spacious room; but the grayish undertone of a plain white ceiling is going to make your otherwise spectacular room, look washed down. Opt for a cream shade instead or maybe a softer/lighter hue of your main color; it will keep things vibrant, stylish and interesting.


Balance with neutrals.

As we’ve already stated color is such a wonderful thing, but don’t exaggerate. Actually, the beauty of bold, bright shades may turn into unbearable ugliness; unless you give balance to your space with some neutral hues. Of course, it depends of the palette you’re working with, but you should have one or two neutral shades to harmonize the room, and avoid an overly strident space that is unpleasant for you and your family.


Be consistent.

Even though each room must have its own personality, they belong to a same place. That’s something you must keep in mind and beware the color scheme you’re working with. All the rooms in your home, are like all the members of your family; even though each one of you are different and sport your own particular uniqueness, it is also evident you are family because you share some common traits. The same principle applies to your house, so keep all the rooms inside a color and style range that is comfortable and coherent without being too restrictive.


Mix it up a little.

Like we explained previously, each room should have its own personality, that doesn’t mean each room has to look as if it belongs to a different house than the next one. You already fell in love with a main hue and picked the neutral shades to balance it out; maybe you even chose a couple accent colors and added a highlight shade to your palette. Now it’s  time to mix it up a little; play with your current scheme room by room or throw in one or two shades within the same range of colors you’ve been using, that will help you give each room its own personality without deviating from the overall color and style of the house.


Choose the right finish.

This little detail makes a HUGE difference. Egg-shell, high-luster, satin, matte, glossy, sponge treated, etc; options are endless and results might be dreamy as well as they may be dreadful. Dark ceilings or walls may look dull and soulless if they’re totally matte. Deep, rich shades usually lose their charm with an egg-shell finish. Bear in mind those samples and test as much as you need to.


When in doubt, hire an expert.

Getting the results you want, exactly the way you want them could be tricky and exhausting; luckily there are highly qualified people that can help you sort out any doubt or problem that you may have. If you’re thinking of going through a home renovation or need some home improvement you can contact Brian Hommel Home Improvement experts. We can help you transform your home, just call us or click here for a quote.