Should I Replace My Wooden Frame Window?

Many older houses have wooden window frames. While they have their advantages, they can begin to wear out as a building gets older. You may eventually require a window replacement, and that is where contractors such as Brian Hommel come in handy. However, you might be wondering if replacing windows is really worth it. Here are some questions you can ask yourself.


Are Your Windows Bothersome?

 Most people enjoy opening up a window once in a while to let a cool breeze enter the home. As windows get older, the mechanisms that allow you to close and open windows can wear down. Not only is it annoying trying to operate an old window, but it can also be dangerous. If you exert too much force, then there is the potential the window glass can break. Avoid that by installing a new window you can always depend upon.


Are Your Windows Drafty?

 A window replacement can come in handy when you constantly feel shivers running down your spine from a draft. Although you may want a breeze entering your home from time to time, you want to avoid air coming in when you do not want it. If you feel drafts coming in from a window, then a new frame can help prevent them from coming inside.


Are Your Windows Efficient?

 A lot of older windows were installed without any kind of emphasis on whether they were energy efficient. Today, more people are conscious about their impact on the environment and how much electricity they are using. An older window can be swapped out with a new, energy efficient one that will make you less reliant on your HVAC unit.


After you have answered these questions, you are ready to decide whether now is a good time to get a window replacement. Make sure you hire professionals to do this work for you to ensure optimal results.