Update Your Kitchen: The 5 Ultimate Kitchen Design Trends

beautiful kitchen in warm tone colors etc etcA kitchen is the heart of a home, the place where you cook amazingly delicious dishes for your family and have deep conversations that strength the connection between you and your loved ones, where you sneak in for a midnight snack or even answering an awkward phone call; so the smartest thing you can do when it comes to your kitchen is to give it a modern and inviting look that will make you feel comfortable and pleased every time you step in. For that purpose we want to show 5 of the ultimate trends for a beautiful and stylish kitchen.


Kitchen in luxury home with stainless steel counters

1. The hot kitchen.

Restaurant inspired kitchens are all the rage this year. The industrial feeling of stainless steel, mobile kitchen islands and all the professional toys and settings, such as deep sinks and extra counter space make for a very attractive, edgy and modern look. It also adds a lot efficiency and openness to the space.


Kitchen Storage _Brian Hommel

2. Pull-out shelves.

Storage space in a kitchen is vital, horizontal or vertical a pull-out shelf is an amazingly efficient and practical thing. Say goodbye to digging the depth of your cabinets while you “rest” uncomfortably on your knees, these pull-out shelves allow you to pick whatever you need from your cabinets effortlessly.


Colorful Backsplash

3. Bold colored tiles.

Tiles are an excellent choice of material for a kitchen, whether it goes on counter tops or walls, the fact that they are so easy to clean is major asset in the kitchen; they are also a great way to add some bold coloring to the space without going overboard.


Trendy Kitchen Lamps_Brian Hommel

4. Edgy lamps.

From fancy chandeliers to paper lamps, among many other styles like, industrial lamps, seashell cascade chandeliers and even DIY lamp shades and edgy, unique and or original lighting piece is an excellent and very stylish way to add attitude to your kitchen. This statement lamps work wonderfully as an accent piece of aesthetic value for this highly functional space.


Tech Friendly Kitchen_Brian Hommel

5. Tech-friendly kitchens.

Drawers, counter tops, shelves, walls and even furniture are perfect for hiding all sorts of connections, not only for kitchen appliances but also for your electronic devices. Concealed power sources are great way to optimize space and give better looks to your kitchen.


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