Increase Your Home Value With A Kitchen And Bathroom Remodel

modern spacious white bathroom with dark wood floorsYour home is a big investment; therefore, increasing its value is a very clever way to keep up with the market and ensure the return of said investment. So pay attention and give an opportunity to these ideas that will add up to make your home look and feel better, while boosting its market price.


Update your bathroom.
When it comes to bathrooms, a little goes a long way; if you cannot afford a full remodel, you can still replace make a few changes to bring your bathroom to a whole new level. Change your old wallpaper for something with a textured finish or upgrade to new lamps and light bulbs to brighten up the space; these small changes can make a big difference, especially if your bathroom is a small one.


Another way to keep your bathroom in top notch condition is paying attention to your plumbing and light fixtures; make sure everything’s running smoothly and working properly, you’ll thank yourself later. You can also change the tiles in your floor or revamp your cabinets and the rest of the furniture in your bathroom to give it a modern look.


Take your kitchen to a whole new level.
Remodeling a kitchen can be overwhelming, but nobody said you had to do it all at once. Baby steps and changing one thing at a time can save you time and money while still assuring the return of your investment. For example a new sink with no stains or a brand new microwave are already a great improvement. In fact updating all your kitchen appliances is not only a great way to add value to your home but also an amazing way of saving money and energy; most new appliances are designed to be energy efficient, if you choose the right equipment, everything will work on your benefit.


If you ask an expert, they will tell you the safest bet when it comes to remodel a room is remodeling your kitchen; so keeping this in mind you may be willing to invest a little more on this project and there are great ways to make the best of your kitchen without going too far with the expenses. An open kitchen is a very desirable thing nowadays, and if they have some high-end touches, even better; granite countertops, custom cabinets and energy-efficient appliances are all the rage and worth every penny.


When it comes to improving your home Brian Hommel offers you a superb service in the New York state area. A kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel increases your home value and ensures a return of your investment of 80% to 85%. If you have any home improvement projects and wish to hire a professional team with top quality service and flawless customer care, please call us (845)338-2211 and we will gladly offer you our craftsmanship and experience to guarantee you the best results. Click here for a quote.