What Are the Benefits of Composite Decking?

Decks_9Decks are synonymous with summer. Warm weather and bright sunshine that fades into beautiful night skies are perfect for sitting outside to enjoy a cold drink and a few laughs with loved ones. A few decades ago, the only real option for deck construction was basic wood. These days, composite decks are climbing the ranks. Composite decking is a combination of recycled wood and plastic mixed with cellulose fiber. In addition to this mixture for the flooring, these types of decks often include railings made of a range of materials. Typically, you will find the recycled composite, glass, vinyl and metal.


Pros of Composite

Because they are made almost entirely from recycled materials, composite decks are environmentally friendly. They require hardly any upkeep. Instead of spending many of your weekends pressure washing your deck to remove grime, all you need to do is wash it down with a basic water hose once in awhile. Composite deck construction usually comes with a warranty of about 20 years that protects against splintering, splitting, rotting or termite damage. You can even stain it to match the rest of your exterior.


Cons of Composite Decking

As with most other environmentally-friendly products, composite decks initially cost more than wooden decks. Prices average between $2.50 and $3.50 per linear foot, nearly three times the cost of traditional wood. If you clean a composite deck with chemicals, you might find it fades faster than expected. Finally, even though composite is resistant to rot and other problems wood is susceptible to, it can still be damaged by storms and deck furniture. However, you cannot refinish composite decking, so damaged planks will need to be entirely removed and replaced.


Despite the higher initial price, many people fall in love with their composite decks. Some people feel they actually save money over the longer term since they do not need to use expensive pressure washing chemicals or stain the composite as often as they would wood. No matter which type of deck construction you choose for your home, always work with a professional contractor to ensure a safe job that is done right.


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