Remodeling Ideas For A Small Kitchen

Practical kitchen room interior. View of cabinets steel appliances hanging pot rack. Kitchen room has a small dining area

If you have a small kitchen it doesn’t mean you can’t have the remodel of your dreams. Whether your kitchen is in need of repairs or you simply want a new look, focusing on specific goals for your kitchen remodel will help you and your remodeling team determine the best strategies to accomplish those goals and make the most of your small kitchen.


Create Space Illusions

Illusion of space can be created in a small kitchen by utilizing paint colors strategically and playing around light distribution in your kitchen through windows and doors.

If part of your kitchen remodel includes repainting cabinets and cupboards, you may want to take the opportunity to choose a paint color that will make your space appear larger. If you’re unsure what color to choose, we can help you make the right choice that will open up your space and provide you with an aesthetically pleasing kitchen.

Structural changes like opening up the walls, separating your kitchen from the outside of your house, installing large windows, glass doors and doors with glass panels will allow natural light into your kitchen, making it feel airy and spacious.


Maximize Storage

Even with less available space you can still store your kitchen necessities with a little creativity. Cabinets can be replaced with open space to incorporate unique storage solutions including shelving, magnets or hooks for cooking utensils, cutlery, pots and pans. Another small kitchen hack; hang your pots and pans on hooks above a kitchen island if you don’t have a lot of cabinet space.


No matter which features you will be incorporating into your kitchen remodel, if storage is your focus, remember that there are ways to install features that could do double-duty to provide more storage space for you.
Working closely with your remodeling and design expert, like us at Brian Hommel will help you achieve form and function and help you get the best small kitchen remodel for your home. For more information call us or click here for a free quote!