Living Room Updates That Will “Wow” Your Guests

Glamourus Living Room Brian HommelThe living room is the social epicenter of a home, is where most of the household members spend their day hanging out, watching their favorite TV show, listening music, reading a good book, enjoying a cup of coffee and socializing. So why not make the most out of it?


There are many ways to make your living room a stylish, comfortable and inviting space. For example, a bold shade like red gives a lot of personality to a space but it can be a little overwhelming, if you balance it out with white or ivory you’ll get a beautiful and playful living room.

Red Living Room Brian Hommel

You can also update your living room mixing patterns and textures, as well as adding statement pieces to your living room; which is also a good example of how to bring your living room to the modern era. Even if you decide to go monochrome with the space, mixing styles and textures makes up for an interesting space without adding any extra color.

White Living Room Brian Hommel

If you add silver accents, your living room can acquire a sophisticated vibe. The chic touch can come in various ways, such as the chrome legs of a table or chair, mirrors, lamp stands and even artwork frames, bookcases and shelves. Dynamic seating arrangements, bold rugs, beautiful wallpapers for accent walls or even and elegant curtain or shade can make your living room the epitome of modern style.

Bright Living Room Brian Hommel

Whatever update you decide to make in your living room, the most important thing is to keep in mind that you should choose the right furniture and materials to take on any project, and of course hire a professional home improvement contractor that can ensure the best results, like our team at Brian Hommel.  We can provide you with the best customer service and guarantee you professional results delivered with outstanding craftsmanship. If you want to make any changes that will make you feel proud of your home please contact us and click here for a quote.