Landscape Lighting Trends of 2016

Two lounge chairs over look an inviting pool and a pool house ** Note: Slight blurriness, best at smaller sizesThere is a lot of room to be creative when it comes to lighting in your front and backyard. Outdoor lighting trends today allow you to incorporate modern aesthetics and a decorative touch, while also keeping the environment in mind.

Lighting often serves a dual purpose. Not only does outdoor lighting provide a beautiful ambiance, but it’s also crucial to have outdoor lighting for safety reasons.  Standing lamps on a patio or deck can add elegance and sophistication to your favorite reading area, while motion activated lights can be installed to protect your property by providing a better look at the surrounding area and fending off unwanted company. High-end versions of these lights can also be remotely controlled for extra security.


When having landscape lighting installed on your property consider how your choice of lighting will affect the environment. For example, certain types of lights can be better for the environment and your budget. LED lighting has emerged as a new trend, as it uses less power and tends to last longer than traditional incandescent lights. Solar lights are also a popular option as they are both cost effective and environmentally friendly, requiring no power and little maintenance. Many of these lights are also weather resistant.


Hardscape lighting is also a popular trend among homes today. A more expensive landscape lighting trend, hardscape lighting is often used to illuminate a patio or pool area and makes for a beautiful and serene ambiance.


Custom designed landscape lighting can be used to enhance and illuminate your yard and home. As technology becomes more efficient and accessible residential landscape lighting trends are enhancing the curb appeal and safety of our homes.


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