Improve Your Kitchen With These Top 2015 Trends

Modern luxury kitchen with white cabinets and marble countertopsWhen it comes to home improvement, there are a whole heap of things you can do to make your home the stylish haven you have always wanted. They are many trends in the horizon but, here are the top home improvement trends of 2015:

A Streamlined Kitchen

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and no matter what event or gathering you are holding, guests naturally gravitate towards the kitchen. Style and function are key in making a kitchen the usable space you need it to be and 2015 brings one key change, no handles.

Handles come in all shape, sizes and finishes but the key trend looking to sweep across the kitchen is the touch-to-open drawers and cupboard doors. But, the kitchen appliances are getting a makeover too.Style is one thing but designers predict that hand-less kitchens could become the driving force behind universal design. This concept effectively future- proofs homes so that no matter what mobility you may or may not have, you can still live in the same home, with the same accessibility.


Commercial Kitchen Influence

Commercial kitchens are places of work and can often be seen as bland and devoid of style. However, manufacturers have realized that the home cook may need the power and versatility that some of the larger commercial kitchen items provide.

Blast chillers that cool and freeze food quickly help to maintain the most delicate of flavors, colors and textures. If cocktails and entertainment are your thing, why not take a look at some of the new ice cube machines that provide crystal clear ice as well as the increasingly energy efficient ovens; some manufacturers claim their ovens now cook, roast and color food much faster than a domestic fan oven.


Customized Kitchen Gadgets

Staying in the kitchen, we see that manufacturers of kitchen appliances are finally realizing the need to be able to customize kitchen appliances so that they fit us, not the other way around. Freezer manufacturers now have over a 100 different organization systems to choose from and the fridge interior can be completely customizable. Likewise, touch screen control panels are making an appearance and could soon be the norm.

Also, how many laptops, tablets, smart phones etc. Do you have charging in your home? Tangled wires could be a thing of the past with wireless, charging counter tops. Simply put your phone down and let it charge.


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